DJ Cuppy Shocked After Asa Asika Said She’s No More His Favorite Female DJ

Florence Otedola, DJ Cuppy has been shocked by her ex-boyfriend Asa Asika after he made it very clear to her that she’s no longer his favorite female DJ as she used to be.

Asa Asika happens to be the manager for singer Davido and the ex-boyfriend of DJ Cuppy and even though they are still friends after breaking up, Asa Asika has given DJ Cuppy the shock of her life as she’s no more his favorite female DJ.

Cuppy trying to show her fans that everything is okay between her and Asa Asika shared a video of the two walking together and asking Asa Asika whether she’s still his favorite female DJ and he shocked her by saying no which means she has been replaced.

DJ Cuppy has once revealed that she messed up the beautiful relationship she had with Asa Asika and even though they are still good together as friends, she has been replaced in the life of Asa Asika and no more his favorite female DJ as she used to be when they were dating.

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And now there’s no chance for them to patch things up again since they have both moved on in life and even though they are very good friends now, there can not be any romantic relationship between her and Asa Asika.

Asa Asika is a very quiet person who hardly shares his life story on social media and even though he’s always with Davido and the entire 30BG crew, he hardly shares anything of their outing or behaves like how some of the crew members behave.

Video below;