Don Jazzy Shades The Hypocrites Criticizing Him For Posting A Slippery Cucumber – Video

Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy has shaded hypocrites for criticizing him for posting a slippery cucumber to promote the business of a young entrepreneur as he asks them to scroll if they don’t like it.

Don Jazzy has been posting skits and videos of young ones to promote them and earlier today, he shared a video of a slippery cucumber to promote the business of a young lady and that got him criticized by some people he labeled as hypocrites as he replies to them.

According to him, whenever he posts songs and other things, the engagement isn’t that good but whenever he posts a skit of this kind of video, the engagement is massive therefore those hypocrites criticizing him for posting this video should use the same energy to scroll beyond for what they want.

Don Jazzy then added that what matters the most to him is the business of the young ones and since this particular one has confirmed that she’s making sales, that’s all that matters to him and not what these hypocrites will say about him.

By the way as the hypocrites are complaining the young lady that owns the business has informed me that she is making mad sales already anyways and that’s what matters to me. If you don’t like the content keep scrolling like you ignore every other content.

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