“Don’t call me after 7pm” – Groom tells his friends on his wedding day.

A newly wed Nigerian man has set some ground rules for how his friends should approach his recently acquired status.

The groom identified simply as Mr. Akin was heard telling his friends that they shouldn’t call him from 7 pm.

According to the excited groom, his friends no longer had a right to call him past 7 in the evening because he would be very busy with his wife.

Watch the video here:


In related news, Ossai Success Ovie, the Special Assistant on Media to the Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa, has said brides should stop kneeling down to feed their husband at their wedding.

The media aide, in a post shared on his Facebook page, said the practice which represents a woman’s submission to her husband should be scrapped because it’s fake.

According to him, after the wedding ceremony, women don’t replicate the act by kneeling down to serve their husband’s meal at home.

He pointed out that back in the days, women used to kneel down to serve their husband his meal but that is not the case anymore, so the practice should be ruled out from weddings.

Read as he wrote,

“Ladies should stop kneeling and feeding their husbands during wedding reception.
This act personally to me is called fake feeding .
Ladies only do this during wedding reception after that moment , they won’t be kneeling down and feeding their husbands so why doing it when they won’t continue acting it.
Back then, when women served their husband food , they go on their knees But today the story is different because we are advancing.
So they should stop doing that kneeling thing during wedding reception.
Personally I won’t want my wife to be keeling while serving my food.”