“Don’t date anyone earning less than you. Date your equal or better” – Lady advises her fellow women

A lady, identified as Ashleigh Louise, has taken to Twitter to advise women not to date anyone earning an income lesser than theirs.

 Lady advises

The famous moderator whose Twitter handle is @axhleighlouise, advised women to date men whose income and status is equal to theirs or better.

According to Ashleigh who was speaking from her personal experience, any woman who dates a man who is lesser than them will end up regretting her decision.

In the now-deleted tweet, Ashleigh wrote,

“I can not BELIVE I dated down. Ladies please learn from my mistake. Don’t ever date down, don’t ever date anyone who is earning less than you and not in a stable secure position in life. Date your equal or better. Never ever date down.
You’ll regret it.”

See below,

 Lady advises