Don’t Intentionally Rob Kids Off Their Childhood Just Because You Want Them To Trend – TBoss To her Colleagues

BBNaija star TBoss has cautioned her colleagues who dress their kids as adults and let them behave as if they are adults all because they want to get endorsement deals or make them trend.

TBoss commenting on a post advising that one should normalize little girls being little girls and stop making them dress and act like adults said it’s disturbing how some mothers rob their kids of their childhood moments as if they are slaying queens.

According to TBoss, some of these kids are such slay queens and it’s quite disturbing to see as kids ought to be kids hence advising their mothers not to intentionally rob them of their childhood simply because they want them to trend or bag endorsement deals.

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To TBoss, the way some of these celebrities and public figures dress their kids as if they are slay queens all in the name of trending and bagging endorsement deals aren’t right hence advising them that they should let their kids enjoy their childhood.

Most of these celebrity kids turn out to do things they aren’t supposed to be doing while growing up all because their mothers made them behave like adults when they were kids and now their actions and attitudes are out of hand.

Screenshot below;