‘Don’t Let Instagram Fool You’ – Celebrity Lawyer, Bobo Ajudua To Instagram Users

The renowned lawyer who is the lawyer for celebrities like Davido and Kiddwaya made this known in his recent social media post he made on Instagram.

In his post, he advised that people shouldn’t let social media especially Instagram fool them because people who seem happy on the platform may be going through hell in real life.

His post reads;

“Don’t let Instagram fool you. There are people with only 3-9 likes who have plenty of friends. People with 100+ likes who are lonely in life. Couples who look so happy together, yet are miserable as hell. Couples who don’t post pictures together but are in beautiful, loving relationships. People who know each other very well but appear as strangers. People who are up to their neck in debt yet appear to live lavishly on Instagram.

Remember, this is not real life. Appearances are just that, appearances…”