Don’t You Enjoy Cuddling? – Fan Asks Femi Otedola After Revealing Where He Goes When He Feels Cold

A curious fan who wants to know more about Femi Otedola has quizzed whether he doesn’t enjoy cuddling after he revealed where he goes whenever he feels cold.

The billionaire businessman hardly shares more about his personal life or family and this curious fan just wanted to know the relationship with his wife Nana Otedola when he revealed that he goes straight to his fireplace when he feels cold.

This curious fan commenting on that asked about his wife wondering if he doesn’t enjoy cuddling like most people that he leaves his wife to be at the fireplace whenever he feels cold and we are all now curious to know.

They say there are some things wealthy men don’t do and we wonder if cuddling is part or it’s just that Femi Otedola loves being at the fireplace instead of his wife when he’s cold or it’s just what he does when his wife is not with him wherever he is.

Some people might say whatever he doesn’t isn’t of any value to us but the post Femi Otedola made of going straight to the fireplace when cold raises tons of questions and one of them is what this fan asked.

screenshot below;