Dr Cherry Subtly Shades Tacha As She Reacts To Her Claims Of Not Being Anyone’s Mate

Ultimate Love star Dr Cherry has advised young people to make sure to have a degree as she reacts to the claims of Tacha asking that Nigerians should put some respect on her name.

Tacha in a viral video bragged of not being anyone’s mate asking Nigerians to put some respect on her name saying telling her that she’s proud is an understatement as she’s more than proud of herself and she’s making it big signing endorsement deals up and down.

Dr Cherry reacting to that decided to advise young people to do well to study and have a degree because that is their real-life investment and backup for a reliable future so they don’t have to say nonsense and fight themselves always.

According to Dr Cherry, if as a young person you don’t have a degree and always fight yourself on social media just to stay relevant is the only way people will remember you and you will be signing imaginary deals which never see the light of the day.

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Though Dr Cherry’s post advises young people, it’s also a subtle shade to Tacha as she’s trying to say that Tacha always fights herself on social media just to be relevant and the endorsement deals she’s been bragging about are all imaginary since no one sees it.

Dr Cherry is one of those who advised Tacha to remain humble and stop fighting every single person who tries to advise her but guesses that advice only went through one ear and passed through the other.

Screenshot below;