Drama As Groom-To-Be Allegedly Impregnates Wedding Event Planner

Charles Akwari disclosed that the groom-to-be after realizing the atrocity he committed blocked all access to him through phone calls and on social media as he knew he can’t bear the consequences.

The source also told us the Charles’ yet-to-be wife lives in the UK whilst he lives in Nigeria and his whereabouts or current location is still unknown as at the time of filing this report.

“So we are having a big issue at the moment. Event planner is pregnant for the groom as we speak.

Man is terrified and no one can reach him at the moment. Bride resides in UK and groom reside in Nigeria. God help us”, Charles wrote.

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A Police MTTD Officer was captured on camera exchanging heavy blows with a civilian who flared up following an action he took for defying a traffic regulation.

The Police officer seized the man’s car key for breaking a regulation as a road user and the next thing was a scuffle that happened between them.

A video shows the angry driver struggling with the police MTTD officer as he demands his car keys amidst throwing punches at him.

The officer also retaliated in same fashion as he believed the best way to handle this was to square it off in ‘kung fu’ style.