Emeka Ojukwu’s impression of Obafemi Awolowo

“In political terms, he would be viewed as a foe of the Igbos given the serious competition among him and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. As a pioneer of the cutting edge cast, he has left Nigerian guidelines which are permanent, gauges close to which future competitors to open administration can be unceasingly estimated.

He was firm, well-spoken, careful, and solid. He was, for quite a while, the main Nigerian pioneer that articulated standards and made light of characters. He was a splendid political director and a most intelligent instructor. He not just distinguished himself completely with the yearnings of the Yoruba individuals of Nigeria yet additionally he had the option to persuade the Yoruba individuals of Nigeria that he, just he encapsulated the most elevated purpose of their political goals and cognizance. He was adored, he was dreaded yet over all he had a place with the individuals he pronounced to lead.

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At his passing I had the solitary respect of proposing for him this inscription that he has suffered – “he was the best President that Nigeria never had”.

Many have considered what I implied by this, however I accept the announcement was clear. Nigeria would have profited by his administration in light of his natural presidential characteristics. Nigeria should ceaselessly lament that he never, for some, reasons, had the chance to serve at the presidential level.

Awo was pioneer of extraordinary height. He was a pioneer who was prominently effective. That he didn’t satisfy a presidential desire can’t take away from his administration, and us, poor us, who were not his kin, must keep on regreting that our own pioneers had not driven us as he did his kin or accomplished for us as he accomplished for his kin.

He saw his activity as driving his kin and God favor his spirit. He did a great deal for them. At whatever point he saw an open door for his kin, he pulled out all the stops. He had a fantasy for the Yorubas and was unflinching in the quest for that fantasy. He knew where he was going and he took his kin with him without duplicity. That is the reason he will stay undying in the zone of his impact.

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