Etinosa Idemudia Reacts A Video Of A Guy Doing Leg Work After Being Healed Miraculously

Actress Etinosa Idemudia has reacted to a video of a guy who was miraculously healed doing leg work after being healed asking whether it’s a miracle or magic as she seems not to understand what was going on there.

A video of a young man holding his crutches doing the leg work so vigorously and the pastor joined to show how excited he is that he’s been healed and can move without his crutches and Etinosa Idemudia reacting to that asked if it’s magic or miracle.

Etinosa Idemudia reacting to that asked whether it’s a miracle or its magic as even the dry bones that rose again in the bible didn’t burst leg work as good as this one from the video and that surprises her very much wondering if it’s magic or miracle.

Etinosa Idemudia then funnily added that what God cannot do does not exist because if someone has been able to do much leg work just after being healed miraculously or magically shows indeed God can do a lot of things beyond our imagination.

The reaction of the guy in the video after he was healed with his crutches makes you wonder if he was indeed having issues with his legs and was healed or it was just one of these miracles that we have been seeing online where some of these pastors call people and plan it with them.

screenshot below;