Eva Alordiah shares topless photo as she reveals conversation she had with her father about her relationship status

Nigerian rapper,Eva Alordiah has shared a topless photo of herself as she recalls a conversation she had with her father about her relationship status.

Taking to her Instagram page, the 34-year-old writer revealed that her father inquired if she was in a relationship because it’s good to have someone special in one’s life.

However, she responded in the negative, and said she is focused on taking care of her mental health and inner self, because she can’t have a good relationship if her mind is not right.

Eva Alordiah shares

Eva wrote,

“My Dad called me yesterday. He wanted to know if I was in a relationship. He said, “You know, it’s good to have someone.”

I told him – “Daddy to be honest, that’s not what’s been bothering me at all. I haven’t even cared about it.”

“Why?” He could hardly mask the concern in his voice.

I said to my Dad plainly- “Because I’ve been more concerned about my mental health. I couldn’t have been in a healthy relationship with my mind out of wack.”

I have been taking care of myself, going to the dark places, healing my wounds, becoming a better person.

Eva Alordiah shares

I’d expect that if I am attracting someone now, it would be a much better match than back when I didn’t even know who I was..”

“Hmmm.. that’s true. You’re right.” My Dad said.

We went on to talk for another thirty minutes, about family, business, projects, life.

I think I may have earned an extra level of respect from my Dad.

But first I had to earn that Respect in myself.

I’m 34 years flourishing.

I absolutely enjoy the bonding of man and woman, the cosmic dance and exploration of love, the blessing of Intimacy..

I want all of that and more. But I’m far from desperate for it.

In the past years I have invested more time and energy healing myself, paying attention to what I’m doing on this planet, what my Soul is yearning for.

I have gained more clarity in the past week alone than ever before and I am so excited for the journey that’s unfolding before me.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you…”

“The kingdom of God is within you..”

The most important task we get to do here on this planet is the task of our own Inner Engineering.

You can’t get right until you get right WITHIN.

People often ask me why I quit music for 5 years. I tell them the same thing every time: “I went away to take care of Elohor”

There is not a task more important than the task of YOU.

Please, take care of you 🙏🏽❤️

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