Everyone Successful Publicly Is Struggling Somewhere Privately – BBN’s Mike Edwards Says

BBNaija reality show star Mike Edwards has claimed that everyone who is successful publicly is also struggling somewhere privately but only doesn’t show it.

Mike Edwards sharing his thoughts on how almost everyone looks successful on social media and in public stated the obvious that all those who look or are successful in public are also struggling somewhere privately.

It’s true everyone struggles somewhere privately and doesn’t show it but what Mike Edwards is trying to say per our understanding is that those who look successful on social media aren’t actually successful when you go into their private life.

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If someone is successful publicly and privately doesn’t mean that person doesn’t struggle somewhere and all Mike Edwards is trying to let us know is that not all that glitters is Gold therefore those who look successful online are actually struggling somewhere privately.

Some of us can bear witness to what Mike Edwards is saying as we know some people who are successful publicly but then are struggling when it comes to their private lives but has been throwing dust into the eyes of others.

Screenshot below;