Floyd Mayweather reveals why he is still single at 45

American boxing promoter and former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has disclosed why he’s still single.

The 45-year-old father of five took to his Instagram page on Thursday to share why he’s still single and doesn’t have plans to settle down soon.

According to him, he has remained unmarried at 45 because he doesn’t trust anyone but himself.

He, however, added that he has nothing against married people, but he’d rather stick to his personal beliefs.

“Everybody always ask me when am i getting married or why am i not married. I am not married for the same reason the divorce rate is so high. The only person i will trust is myself. Therefore, it eliminates disappointments. I have nothing against people who are married, these are just my personal beliefs. What are your thoughts on marriage?” He wrote.

See his post below,

Meanwhile, Nigerian filmmaker and actor, Martini Animashaun has opined that the institution of marriage is strictly for business purposes.

Taking to Twitter to share his opinion, Animashaun said both men and women go into a marriage with an agenda in mind. For women, they desire financial security while men desire submission.

According to him, although some people get married for love, a large percentage get married for selfish reasons and that unless we are deceiving ourselves, we would all agree that marriage is mainly transactional.

His post reads,

“I believe that marriage is strictly for Biz purposes. While many people get married for love, many others do this for their self(ish) interest with the latter being the route many seek. Women want security which includes money/good life etc… most men want submissive relationships, where their wives cater to all of their needs. Unless we are deceiving ourselves, Marriage is strictly business.”