Georgina Onuoha Replies A Fan Who Asked Her To Upgrade Her iPhone

Veteran actress, Georgina Onuoha has clapped back at a fan who asked her to upgrade her iphone to the latest model.

Taking to her Instagram page, she revealed that a fan asked her to upgrade her iPhone 11 plus to a newer model. According to her, she didn’t even bother responding, not because she doesn’t have anything to say, or educate the poor soul. but she had so much empathy for the fan.

She captioned her post as: Someone sent a DM to me saying aunty Gina upgrade your iPhone why are you still using iPhone 11 plus!
I didn’t even bother responding not because I don’t have anything to say or educate the poor soul.
I had so much empathy for the miscreant knowing fully well I can buy as many as I want .
It made my sick about what our people place priorities on.

I will just leave this here for her and others like her to read.
“The world famous football player “Sadio Mane of Senegal” (West Africa), whose income is $186K per week, was seen in many places with broken mobile phones.
In an interview when asked about it, he said I’ll get it fixed. When asked why you are not buying a new one, he said I could buy a thousand, 10 Ferraris, 2 Jet Planes, Diamond watches that I can buy, but why do I need all of these.
I saw poverty, so I couldn’t learn, I built schools so that people could learn, I didn’t have shoes, I played without shoes, I didn’t have good clothes, I didn’t have food. I have so much today that I want to share it with my people instead of showing off.

If your life and destiny is tied to materialistic stuff in other for you to show off, my darling you have a lot to learn about life.

People who have it pinned down or figured out don’t have the need to impress or show off on social media.
Many people you worship on social media are prisoners to so many vices you no nothing about.
There is something called hay day or better still old age and retirement as well as investment.

Spend your youth and fortune well by packaging for your grey days.
Enough said.