Guys Now Want To Feel How Bobrisky Tastes – Bobrisky Claims As He Shades Ladies

Crossdresser Bobrisky has subtly shaded the big ladies of Lagos saying the men are tired of them and now want to feel how he taste which is why they prefer him over them.

Bobrisky has been bragging about being the only big girl in Lagos and now is claiming to be the only side chick saying the men are tired of the women therefore they all want to have a feel of how he tastes making him the big girl.

According to Bobrisky, it’s no more by vajayjay and b00bs that men want since they are tired of fvcking vajayjay all the time and now all they want to do is just have a feel of how he tastes which is why they are all over him.

The question is, Bobrisky is still a man if he puts aside his crossdressing business hence what exactly are the men trying to have a feel off since he’s just a man like them but only dresses as a woman to make money.

If he claims the men are tired of vajayjay and want to have a feel of how he tastes, what exactly does he has that is different from the se.xy body of a woman that will attract them to him trying to get a feel of how he tastes.

We all know Bobrisky is a cruise person and will say anything for the gram hence we believe all his claims of men being tired of women and wanting to have a feel of how he a fellow man tastes is just for a cruise.

screenshot below;