Has Rudeboy And Peter Okoye Proven Cubana Chief Priest Wrong After Claiming They Can’t Blow?

It’s almost two years after Cubana Chief Priest claimed Rudeboy and his twin brother Peter Okoye can’t blow more than Rema on their own and we’re wondering if he’s right.

After Rudeboy and his twin brother Peter Okoye split making the once lovable Psquare a defunct group, Cubana Chief Priest made an assertion that they both can’t blow on their own more than Don Jazzy’s artist Rema.

According to Cubana Chief Priest back in 2019, Rudeboy and his brother Peter Okoye can’t blow even more than Rema now that they have both gone their separate ways as solo artists and we are wondering if he’s right to have said that.

Let’s take a look at both Rudeboy and Peter Okoye as solo artists, can we say they have proven Cubana Chief Priest wrong and blow more than Rema looking at their achievements so far ever since they separated as solo artists.

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Rudeboy and Peter Okoye are all doing very well on their own even though one seems to be wealthier than the other but the question on our minds is whether we can say they have both proven Cubana Chief Priest wrong.

Rudeboy and Peter Okoye all have hits songs that are making the numbers and always pull the crowd with them where ever they perform therefore can we say Cubana Chief Priest was wrong to have said that as they seem to have blown more than Rema?

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