Having A Relationship With A Man Was The Worst Decision Of My Life – Denrele Edun Says

Media personality Denrele Edun has disclosed that the worst decision of his life was having a romantic relationship with a man and he regrets ever doing that.

Denrele Edun in an interview opened up about his romantic relationship live and said the biggest mistake he made in life was giving a man the chance to have a romantic relationship with him and he regrets that a lot.

According to Denrele Edun, at a point in his life, he thought women had nothing better to offer him, therefore, he decided to give a man the chance since he has been getting attention from some men and it was horrible.

Denrele Edun added that his relationship with the man he gave the chance drained him so much and that is the worst decision he ever made in his life and now has decided not to bother himself with any relationship saga.

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Denrele Edun then claimed that he’s now dating himself since he has a very strong masculine personality and a female one, he’s blending both himself adding that he’s his own sugar daddy hence he’s dating himself.

To Denrele Edun, men and women have nothing better to offer him since he has tasted both and realized that being with a man was the worst decision he could ever make in life but now is dating himself.

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