Heartwarming moment bride’s brother who’s been overseas for 6 years unexpectedly appears at her wedding (Video)

A bride was thrown into a wild state of excitement after her overseas-based brother made a surprise appearance on her wedding day.

The lady was getting hitched with her man when she was informed by the MC that there was a surprise for her.

A music began playing as the bride and groom were seen looking around in anticipation for the surprise to be unveiled.

Immediately she sighted her brother who has been overseas for six year, she lost it and ran towards him.

When she got to him, she immediately wrapped her hands around him in a warm embrace.

The bride said: “…so it been 6yrs have not seen my elder brother,even when we lost our father he couldn’t show up because of the COVID19 situation so weeks to my wedding he told me he couldn’t make it anymore…”

Watch the video below: