Top 10 countries with the highest rate of prostitution, see Nigeria.

Rate of prostitution: According to Denis Foynes, there are about 3 million people travelling every year on sex tourism trips and the number isn’t getting any smaller. Below is a list of the top 10 countries with the most sex workers per 10,000 people.

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10. Thailand: 45 sex workers per 10,000 people

9. Germany: 49 sex workers per 10,000 people

Eine Prostituierte liegt am Montag (23.01.2012) in K?åln im Bordell “Paschas” auf einem Bett. Das Prostitutinsgesetz vom 1. Januar 2002 soll die rechtliche Stellung von Prostitution als Dienstleistung regeln um die rechtliche und soziale Situation von Prostituierten zu verbessern. Foto: Oliver Berg dpa/lnw [ Rechtehinweis: Verwendung weltweit, usage worldwide ]
 8. Malaysia: 52 s_x workers per 10,000 people

Prostitution is huge in Malaysia. The United States has put Malaysia on the blacklist of countries with the worst cases of human trafficking and human rights abuse, including child prostitution. 

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7. Brazil: 53 sex workers per 10,000 people Prostitution is legal in Brazil, however, it is illegal to run a prostitution center or to employ prostitutes in any other way.

BRAZIL – JULY 16: Prostitutes work in the Copacabana neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday night, July 15, 2007. With 700,000 visitors flooding into Rio de Janeiro, the Pan American Games are a profit opportunity for prostitutes in Brazil, where their occupation is legal. They can expect a surge in business and double their usual rates, said Flavio Lenz, a spokesman for Da Vida, a group representing Rio’s sex workers. (Photo by Douglas Engle/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

6. China: 60 sex workers per 10,000 people


5. Nigeria: 63 sex workers per 10,000 people

Every year, at least 50,000 girls travel from Nigeria (mostly from Benin City, one of the countryÕs poorest cities) to Europe. A trafficker, with the help of a voodoo, or juju, priest, managed to convince them that a decent job awaits them in the promised land. The journey is often nightmarish, crossing the Lybian Sahara on a truck, and trying to reach the coast of Italy or Spain on a precarious rubber boat. Many of the girls die of fatigue, of dehydration, or drown at sea before reaching their destination. Those who make it, soon realize that the promised job does not exist: after their papers are seized by the traffickers, they are sent on the street as prostitutes. Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the government and an Ngo run by nuns are fighting to set these 21st Century slaves free: from their masters, as well as from the naivete that makes them so vulnerable. /// Benin City, Nigeria. Three young prostitutes in the bar of the Meridian Lodge Hotel. Prostitution is highly widespread in town.

4. Philippines: 85 sex workers per 10,000 people

3. Peru: 102 sex workers per 10,000 people


2. South Korea: 110 sex workers per 10,000 people

1. Venezuela: 119 sex workers per 10,000 people


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