‘His Thing is Sweeter Than That Of My Husband’– Married Woman Caught Cheating Confesses (Watch)

The high rate of infidelity which has shrouded modern relationships has delved into a different dimension after a married woman was caught sleeping with another married man.

A video to that effect has surfaced online and the shocking aspect of the viral footage is the reason they both ascribed to their extramarital affair. The married woman, who is a mother said her ‘side boyfriend’ drills her better in bed than her own husband.

She also said that she helps the man to do some house chores and the man gives her money in return.

In other news, Instagram celebrity, Uche Maduagwu has advised women entering into marriage to prioritize money over everything.

The outspoken actor and self-proclaimed homosexual said it’s better for a woman to cry in a Rolls Royce than a danfo bus- which simply means it’s better to end up with a wealthy man who might maltreat you than wallow in poverty with a pauper.

Uche inevitably is telling women that they should erase the word love and affection from their dictionaries when sampling men with whom they want to settle down.