HOT GIST: Phyno And Dj Kaywise Fighting Over Streaming Money From Their Hit Song, High Way

Nigerian rapper, Phyno Fino, and Dj Kaywise are allegedly fighting over streaming money from their latest hit song, High Way.

According to Instagram blogger, Cutie_Juls,  Dj Kaywise has refused to give Phyno his fair share of the streaming income they have made so far on the song as Phyno was the songwriter but dished the song to Dj Kaywise out of fear that it might not be popular.

He wrote: Phyno x Kaywise have some ongoing serious battle over his song, #HIGHWAY

Phyno gave kaywise the song. Didn’t expect it to be so blown. But now it is now, it’s one of the major current hits. Streaming on every platform. Phyno didn’t mind but Kaywise went funny and started talking anyhow about phyno because of some disagreements re video shoot etc

Kaywise is in the wrong from what everyone has said

Down the drain. Hit gone. Meanwhile phyno will at least be able to perform the song and radio etc. just won’t earn any streaming income.

Because DJ Kaywise has sat on all the monies from any streaming. This is because they didn’t have any paper work done. Phyno’s work gone down the drain because there has been lots of streaming on various platforms on this song.

I’m sad for Phyno hmmmm