How to get your hacked Instagram account back

How to get your hacked Instagram account back: Someone is updating or posting on their profile. messaging friends? There are some other options to try to regain access to your account and banish the attackers if you think your Instagram has been hacked. Do so before you panic and shell out cash to have the problem fixed. There are two approaches: if you can still input your password, keep reading; if not, jump on to the next step and seek assistance from social networks.

Make a new password!

The first thing to attempt if you still have access to the account is to update your Instagram password. This password was used to access your profile, so someone must know it.

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This is due to the fact that hackers may quickly figure out simple combinations. Additionally, frequent data breaches reveal a range of user information on the network, including passwords as well as details like date of birth, CPF, full name, and credit cards.

Never use the same password combination for many online accounts—this is a rule of digital security. Look to include a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters in the password. Avoid providing information that is simple to guess, such as a phone number, birth date, or name…

It is easier to remember a distinct password for each internet account by using a password manager. Some programs allow you to set up two-step authentication to increase account security, and most of them let you know if the combination is weak in addition to securely storing the password. That is the topic for the following paragraph.

Turn on two-step verification for your Account.

The feature known as “Two-Step Authentication” ups the security of your account. This is how it works: after entering your password, you must input another six-digit random numeric code.

This code is accessible via SMS, a password manager like those mentioned in the previous topic, or an app for managing two-step verification codes like Google Authenticator or Authy. However, these options are no longer as secure.

By doing this, even if a hacker figures out the new password, he will still have to enter data that, in principle, only you know because it is stored on your mobile device. Enabling 2-step verification on your Instagram account and on any other online services you use is therefore highly advised, and it’s also security-conscious.

If the attacker has already logged in using the old credentials, it is still necessary to review the connected devices and applications and revoke access. Changing the password and turning on 2-Step Verification are crucial to preventing new unauthorized access.

Examine the approved devices and apps.

It’s possible that suspicious activities on the account continue even after changing the password. This may occur because there are still gadgets and programs connected to Instagram in addition to the well-known ones.

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An option to remotely disconnect devices with account access is available in the Instagram app. You can complete the process on a computer or a mobile device. In this selection, devices are shown with their names and in reverse chronological order (newest gadgets are shown first). Therefore, be vigilant and revoke access if you have an iPhone and discover that your account is being used on an Android (or vice versa).

Another choice is to be aware of applications that have permission to access your Facebook or Instagram accounts. You know, the ones that promise greater stats, assistance with contests, downloads of posts and stories, or even more likes and followers by adding non-native social network features? Therefore, it’s possible that one of them has access to the account and harmful code.

Removing the associated app’s access to your Instagram will solve the problem. Be wary of all connections that are active and conduct an online search to confirm the reliability of any that you plan to leave open on the account.

Access was lost? Find out how to get your Instagram account back below.

You were separated from the social network and your password was changed if you can no longer access your Instagram. Your phone number and email address may be kept by some attackers, but others may have already changed them, making it even more challenging to get your account back. This will determine the method you use.

If you have the login credentials (email and phone)

It will be simpler to regain access to your account and reset your Instagram password if your email address is still the same. See the detailed explanation:

  • Open Instagram and select “Forgot your password?” on the app’s home screen. Click “Next” after entering your social network registration email.
  • You will receive an access code through email. You can then access your account once more.
  • Open it up and type the code into the screen Instagram displays.

If the account’s email and phone were compromised

It’s possible that the attacker modified certain aspects of your profile, like your username, email address, and phone number. You must get in touch with Instagram support in this situation to have your account verified. See the steps here:

  • Enter the login, choose “Forgot your password?,” then touch “Need more help?”;
    Instagram will then try once more to recover your account in order to retrieve your data.
  • Nevertheless, choose “Get support” because you can no longer access it because the attacker changed it;
  • The social media site will inquire as to why you are unable to access your account. Certainly, respond with “My account has been hacked.” If your Instagram account has been hacked, the app will present you with the choices “Yes, I have a photo of myself on my account” and “No, I don’t have a photo of myself on my account”; choose one of these.

If “Yes, I have a photo of myself on my account” was checked, Instagram will ask you for an email address that you have access to in order to continue with the request. In order to confirm your identification, the social media platform will also request a video selfie of you twisting your face in various directions.

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Instagram claims that the customer service team may even regain your account using human analysis rather than facial recognition to confirm your identity.

You will be taken to the assistance page to try to recover the account in another method if you selected “No, I don’t have a picture of me in my account,” and you will receive an autoresponder email from the support staff to continue with the case.

To increase the security of your account, pick a password manager.

It’s crucial to make sure that your Instagram account doesn’t get hacked again after you recover it. Use a password manager, modify the password, and enable two-factor authentication. As I mentioned above, it is more secure and offers the possibility of having an additional security assurance.

Numerous apps, both free and paid, are available on the market that can be useful in daily life. The most well-known ones are Kaspersky Password Manager, LastPass, and 1Password. Consider the features provided by the service and your spending limit while selecting the best one for you.