How to start a blog without stress — Full Beginners Guide

Have you ever wondered how hard it is to start a blog? if yes here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a professional blog for yourself.

Starting a blog is not really hard compared to how people rate it,the first thing you need is your basic computer skill.

This free guide will help you as a beginner on how to  create a successful blog that will benefit you and your business plan now and in years to come.

What is a blog?

Blog is the short form of weblog which means an internet website which allows readers to ponder, share ideas, and debate on particular topics in the form of an online diary, sometimes allowing its user share their thought on posts via comments. Most blogs are written in a slightly informal tone (personal journals, news, businesses and so on

Why start a blog today? 

This is one of the popular ways of making money online across the globe . If you have useful contents to share with your audience frequently, then this is one opportunity you should not wave aside. Once you have a blogging platform, you can share useful information or products and make money from it. Before delving into blogging, you need to choose a niche to be updating your audience with. We have different niches like technology, entertainment, news, politics, health tips, motivational tips, relationship, phone reviews etc. We have two popular platforms where you can create and design your blog. These platforms are Blogger and WordPress. For blogger platform, you just need to buy a domain name like while WordPress, you will need to purchase a domain and host which will be the engine house of the blog.

So, how then do you go about blogging without any coding skill? as we proceed you will see how well technology has made blogging easier, well to burst your brain no coding experience is needed these days.

First thing you need to do is know what you want through planning , what does that mean?

you need to know why you want to blog. Is it to improve your writing skill, become a professional blogger or earn through it.

Many people ran into blogging and ended up their blogging career quite early due to inadequate plan on making their first move to blog.

How to go about creating a blog

Here are detailed steps compiled by our team on how to successfully create and run a blog without doing it the wrong way.

1. Find your Niche.


Do you know the meaning of Niche, if no niche simple means Any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.

How can you choose your niche, the best way to choose is to read your passion, but in some cases niche choosing depends on the type of business you are bringing in for example when you are into clothing business most of your post should be about fashion and clothing.

Sticking to your passion makes the work flow, you wont get tired when you choose a niche based on passion. Then figure how to make your niche profitable,niche blogs are better off because they are easy to monetize.

2. Select a blogging platform

At this point, you will need to choose your preferred blogging platform

There are two types of platforms which are free and self-hosted platforms

Free platforms : As a new blogger spending less or using a free platform can be tempting at times but in most cases when you weigh both you might be prone to make a choice later. I will like you to know there are limits to free things, the only benefit of a free platform is not having to pay fot it.. But it can limit or chance to monetize later.

Self hosted platform : you have the mastery over your blog, it allows you to to run your site using your own domain. Here you are the boss incharge of your blog and the contents you put out.

Note: for a professional blog, it is not adviceable to go for a free platform like blogger or because it will limit your chance of making it as a blogger.

3. Choose your domain name : your domain name can also be called your online address for your website, it is the name your blog bears online. Audience who know your domain name can easily locate your website the unique address .

Your domain address can be the regular “dot com” it can also be region or niche focus. The general rule is to go for a “dot com” domain, but in some cases the other format can workout. For example “dot co.Uk” or “dot NG.”

For example, etc

4 register your site with a web hosting company :

After choosing your domain, the next to do is register your site with a reliable web hosting company.  The function of the hosting company is to keep your website online without any down time and that should be 24/7.

Your hosting provider plays a key role in your site speed, the first and major function of a website is the hosting provider, your website works along with your hosting provider, if your hosting provider crashes, your website crashes too.

When you make wrong decision choosing the wrong webhosting, it will be a big problem to your blog, just like having data with no network can you browse? No.

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5. install blog on for easy operation 

WordPress is recommended here,because it is easy to use without any coding skill.

WordPress is a free software flexible enough to create any kind of site, it gives easy access and allows to do anythibg you will like on your site.

WordPress has a lot of features for you. I can only state few below and you get to see more yourself

  1. you can use a theme of your choice on your blog
  2. Search engine friendly : wordpress is seo friendly which will help your site rank better than other sites
  3. Strong security : To help protect your site ftom cyber-hacker
  4. Simplicity : easy use, user friendly


After getting your blog in place how do you make things work? how do you earn? how do you keep running?

After setting your blog, what do you do next?

You start posting your content, things you should avoid doing as a blogger is copying people’s content. This will bring down your website and you get difficult in earning in the future.

How to monetize your blog

You can make money from your blog through advertising companies like Google Adsense,, Revcontent, Taboola, Chitika etc. once you apply on any of those platforms and you get approved, you can then place their adverts on your blog and if visitors click on the adverts, you get paid for it.

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You can also make money from your blog through a sponsored post. Here, people come to you for them to share their information or products on your blog; you can then charge them for that. You can also make money from your blog by selling your products or premium contents to your visitors. The truth is that blogging can go a long way to making you a millionaire in a few months if only you are determined, consistent and passionate.



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