Hungry Beggar Gifts Actress, Anyah Chidinma Money Whilst Begging For Money In Lagos [VIDEO]

Nollywood actress, Anyah Chidinma has shared her encounter with street beggars who approached her begging her for money in Lagos.

In a video shared by blogger, Instablogja, the boys told her they are hungry so they need money to buy food, but unfortunately, she could not give them what she wanted to because she claimed she was sick.

Anya Chidinmah rather asked them for money and out of compassion by one of the boys who pitied her, she gave him 100 naira and she in turn showered God’s blessings on him.

Social media users are touching by the gesture shown by the boy, and have lauded him for his heart of kindness despite being in need.

Watch the video below;

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The video

@Anitajoseph wrote;

Eyaaaa 😍he gave her money very cute😍😍😍😍I know she will still give them money chaaiiii,

@sugarboyzey wrote;

That’s to show you how this country failed this boys! After standing at the hot sun! They still have the mind to dash someone inside a car money, knowing fully well she is richer than them😢

@ellaswig wrote;

But this isn’t funny at all. I thought she was going to give him more back. Yeye video

@delolme wrote;

These kids have good hearts no lie. It happen always. Anytime you ask for something from them, they give. I was expecting her to surprise them tho