Hurting People Back Won’t Heal Your Pain – Tonto Dikeh Advises

Actress Tonto Dikeh has advised that one shouldn’t hurt others’ back with the intention of paying them back as that won’t heal your pain.

Tonto Dikeh wishing her fans all the best this new month decided to share a word of advice with them asking them to be intentional about forgiving people who hurt them because hurting them back won’t heal their pain.

According to Tonto Dikeh, it may be difficult trying to be intentional about forgiveness but one shouldn’t hurt themselves more with an unforgiven heart while trying to hurt others over what they did to them.

Tonto Dikeh then added that forgiveness doesn’t require reconnection and it doesn’t mean you should go back to being how you were with the person who hurt you rather than hurting yourself even more while trying to hurt him/her.

Tonto Dikeh’s post advised that we shouldn’t hurt others as a means of payback because they hurt us one way or the order but rather forgive them but forgiving them doesn’t also mean you should go back to being friends with them.

You can forgive someone and still keep your distance and that even gives you some peace of mind rather than hurting yourself all over because of them and that is what Tonto Dikeh is advising us against.

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