Husband leaves wife for their maid after 10 years of marriage

A woman has narrated how she lost her husband of 10 years to their maid.

The woman identified as Kadura on Twitter shared her heartbreaking story while reacting to a post about heartbreak.

According to her, her now ex-husband left her after 10 years of marriage to be with their maid.

She noted that the incident left her devastated and she almost died, but she’s over it now.

“After 10years of marriage my ex hubby left me for the maid. my dear I almost died, I could even see the maid driving his Benz in town while I was taking my son to school on foot. With Time you gonna be okay.” She tweeted.

See her post below,

In related news, a Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to share her marital dilemma in her bid to find a solution to her failing marriage.

According to the lady, her husband wanted a boy-child, she could only give him a girl…then the husband became distant and after a while, his distance led her into the arms of another man (an old friend). The real problem now is that she is pregnant for the other man and she does not know what to do.