“I Am A Woman But Men Please Fear Us”- Lady Says As She Recounts How Elder Brother Raised A Child That Wasn’t His For Four Years

A Twitter user with the username @pr_titanium1 described how her older brother nurtured and cared for a child who wasn’t his for four years.

The lady revealed that her brother and the child shared a striking resemblance, which would normally rule out any doubt. After four years, a DNA test revealed that the child was the seed of another guy.

As a result, she advised males to be wary of the other gender and to be cautious when dealing with them.

In her words:

“My elder brother once raised a child that wasn’t his for good FOUR YEARS & if you see this child,you’ll think my brother vomits him which led to chaos in d family. Thank God for DNA test. Yes, I’m a woman but Men pls FEAR US &be extra careful out dia.”

See her tweet below;

See reactions from Twitter users;

Charles Millions wrote; What warranted the NDA test since he looked exactly like the Daddy? Watin person no know na questions dem Dey ask, NDA test dem no Dey make mistakes? What if the boy was actually his child?

Rollz wrote; It’s true..The child can resemble you even when you’re not the mother or the father…

Xiolanie wrote: Thanks for dear….eventhough it’s so painful yio

Dreamz wrote; i can’t believe this is coming from you iswear and for that i will you 30 non stop head till cum on face and please it’s free u don’t have to pay Relieved face

Femmzy David wrote; I do tell people na woman sabi who get the pikkin you can kee urself all u want if she say the pikkin no be ur own e no be ur own o I wonder if soldier man do DNA test after coming back from North east and the pikkin no be him own