“I feel bad, I can’t eat” – Lady laments after sleeping with married man

Professional relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has revealed the worries of a lady who cannot forgive herself for sleeping with a married man.

lady crying

In a snapshot shared by the Joro, the lady in question opened up on having an affair with a married man and ever since, she can’t forgive herself for aiding a married man to cheat on his wife.

In her words;

“I slept with a married man and I can’t stop thinking I will go to hell fire
Hi Joro, Keep my ID hidden. I sept with a married man during val period , after that I have been having this guilt in me.

I give every beggar I see money , I attend all church service , I have given a lot of my money to orphanage close to my side. I feel so guilty. for some reason I feel I will fond peace if I confess directly to his wife. I don’t know if this is the good idea, i found her on Instagram and I want to confess.”

"I feel bad, I can't eat " - Lady laments after sleeping with married man