“I Mistakenly Sent £320 To A Guy Who Blocked Me Later” – Lady shares ordeal

A social media user identified with the username as Adaora has shared a sad ordeal of how she lost some amount of money through a wrong transaction.

Many people have fallen victim to these acts one way or the other. There are people who have lost huge amounts of money by transferring monies to the wrong people or account without realizing. This is the story of a young lady who took to her Twitter page to share her ordeals with the public.

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Adaora has shared her story of how she mistakenly transferred an amount of £320 equivalent to 131,200 Naira to a guy called Patrick. According to her, when she realized her mistake and confronted him, he told her the said amount hasn’t reflected in his account yet. He also told her he will send her his statement of account to prove he hasn’t received it but unfortunately, the man blocked her.

Adaora disclosed that the man used to be a middleman between herself and other business partners and has done series of transactions through him and has also recommended him to many people. She however warned the public and those she recommended him to desist from transacting any business with him.

“I mistakenly sent £320 to my BDC guy and he’s claiming he can’t see it in his account. He said he’ll send his bank statement as proof but now he has blocked me. This is someone I’ve transferred major money with and even recommended to others. Money is a spirit. If I ever gave you Patrick’s number, I hereby rescind my recommendation. Do business with him at your own risk.” she tweeted.