I Received Nu’des, Money Offers From BBNaija Applicants – Denrele

Denrele Edun, a media celebrity, recently revealed his encounter with some Big Brother Naija contestants.

In an appearance on Lunch Time with Vanguard, Denrele acknowledged being “instrumental” in the show’s operations. He also claimed to have received money offers and a lot of nudes from those looking to join BBNaija.

He stated:

“I get a lot of nudes from people who want to go for BBNaija. I get all kinds of monetary offers.

“I have gotten N100m, N50m, N30m and I tell people go and do something reasonable with your money.

“So, let’s just say if you don’t have a Denrele in your life that can help you rediscover yourself or help you get to the next level and give you direction to help you navigate your way through life, then what are you looking for? Go and find a Denrele.

“Away from that, yes! I have been instrumental to a lot of these things. It is what it is.

“I’m at the industry’s center of gravity. Let’s just say I know people in the right places, when they ask you, tell them to come and meet me.”

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Denrele also recalled Karen Igho, the 2011 Big Brother Africa winner, mentioning how he assisted her in filling out her application.

He added;

“It all started when my good friend, Karen Igho got into the house and was always saying ‘na Denrele help me fill my form’.”