I Wanna Fall In Love And Never Breakup – Princess Shyngle Cries Out For Being Single

Ghanaian based Gambian actress Princess Shyngle has cried out over being single and claiming she wants to fall in love and never breakup even though she has a problem being submissive.

Princess Shyngle speaking about why she’s still single after her divorce and despite being beautiful said it’s because she has issues with being submissive to a man but today wants to fall in love again and never breakup.

She made a post saying she’s such a sucker for love and she loves being in love claiming she’s not made for the street be a she loves being inside all loved up and cuddled up and for that reason she want to fall in love.

According to Princess Shyngle in one of her previous posts, she’s a proud bisexual and now she wants to fall in love and never break up which bring us to the question as to who she wants to fall in love with right now.

If it turns out that Princess Shyngle wants a man to fall in love with, will she be able to submit to him this time around to prevent the breakup she doesn’t want or she will just go in for anyone who she falls in love with since she’s a bisexual.