I Will Be One Of The Greatest Artists In The World’ – Rapper, King Joel Declares

Nigerian rapper based in the United States, King Joel sees greatness ahead of him as he has declared that he will soon become one of the greatest musical artists in the entire world.

This comes after King Joel who grew up in Ojuelegba purchased a brand-new Ferrari worth 135million Naira and flaunted it on social media.

In a lengthy post he made on his Instagram page, King Joel said he is confident about what the future holds for him because he has made the moves and God is with him.

He wrote;

Brand New FERRARI, who dis??? 

Scuderia Ferrari edition with a F50 Turbo engine 😬… Hundreds of thousands on a new whip & it’s paid in full ⚡️
What God cannot do DOESN’T exist. I’m still that kid from Ojuelegba they said wouldn’t be Sh!t. How bout now 🤷🏽‍♂️

Thankful to everyone that believes in me. Thankful for everyone that supported my journey along the way. Thankful for those that doubted me & everyone that altered my path. Good or bad, your impact materializes into blessings for me, so I ain’t mad. I’m just thankful. 

You won’t expect what comes next. Just stay tuned & enjoy the show. #AngelsOfGod⚡️ we lit 😈. Y’all told me to go with the white one & I listened. I love y’all for always being there. We just getting started yall. Lord knows I took care of so many people before deciding to spoil myself a little. 

Like I always say, if u pray for me to lose, you’ll be on your knees forever. & everytime you come back to check I’ll always be better. 

VERY SOON ILL BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST MUSICAL ARTISTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. I say this with conviction cos I’ve made the moves & GOD is with me. IT’S KING SEASON NOW & FOREV

See her post below;

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