I Won’t Always Be Here: Mercy Johnson Teary In Emotional Video With Kids

Mercy Johnson conducted a short experiment on her kids, Angel, Henry and Purity recently with three different videos to see how their response would be premised on a mother’s unconditional love.

Each video saw Mercy’s kids leaning on her as the emotional audio played in the as the character assured her kids that she’s forever going to be with them no matter what.

The thespian shared the various videos on her verified Instagram platform writing:

“So I did this challenge with my 3 kids separately and their reactions showed me that Kids know how powerful words are and when we mean them. lol Easter chronicles.”

Not too long ago, Mercy Johnson while busily flaunting a new wig she recently bought, received a gentle slap on her cheek from her husband for wearing his vintage shoes while Purity captured the moment designed for TikTok.

The actress and mum of four was displaying her wig while wearing the pair of shoes which the thespian revealed hyperbolically that they were bought in 1920 per the descriptive text she attached to the video.

Her husband, Prince Odianosen Okojie emerged from behind in the living room and touched her cheek, perhaps as a subtle reminder of telling her to remove the shoes which she did immediately.

She captioned the video, “@yelowhashtag ❤️sent me a lovely hair but my team nor go let me pose. @olaide_george loved it,mabinu jor ❤️This shoe senior Nigeria ooo”