“Idiot” — Adekunle Gold replies follower who wants to sue him

So Nigerian singer, Adekunle Silver excuse me, Gold, Adekunle Gold, is on the verge of facing a lawsuit after he wrongly used the chemical symbol for Gold, Au.

Sharing photos of himself on his Twitter page, Gold captioned it “Mood for life. AG” – well, a tweep was quick to comment that he wrongly used the Chemical symbol for element, gold… you know.. since he has ‘gold’ in his name and blah blah blah and stated he probably ‘skip‘ his chemistry classes.

Gold then hinted that the “AG” just might be the initials for his name, ‘Adekunle Gold’ but this tweep wee not gree oh… that’s how he said as a Chemistry student, he just might sue Gold for his ‘element abuse’… Gold didn’t let the tweep’s English blunder slide btw.

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