“If an impotent man marries a woman without telling her, he has broken the law of truthfulness” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Clergyman, David Ibiyeomie, has berated men who are impotent and refuse to tell their spouses of their condition before they get married.

The founder of Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, in a sermon preaching against premarital intercourse, said such men have breached the law of sincerity, which is intended to be followed before and after courtship.

Ibiyiemoie admonished his congregation to abandon the conventional concept that a man or woman must engage in pre-marital sex in order to test their potential partner’s sexual prowess.

In his words,

“Till tomorrow many people believe what is not in line with the word of God. Even in church. Even if you say the Bible says this, they would say leave bible. I am talking about what is happening now. That is tradition. That is you are accepting what you believe instead of the word of God.

It is tradition to test before marriage. It is tradition but it is not accepted in church everywhere. They will now ask you how would you know if a man is impotent. People say it. That is tradition. ‘How can you say somebody that wants to marry cannot taste first. You have to taste first so you can know if the man is strong or not’

Listen, the man who is sincere to you must open up to you if he is impotent or not. If any man who is impotent marries a woman without telling her, that man has broken the law of truthfulness. The man should tell her he is impotent. But don’t say how would he know. Tradition says so but the word of God did not say so.

The bible says Marriage is honorable when the bed is undefiled. Two of you must go as virgins to marry. Even in the church they would say you have to taste. Is it Egusi soup?”