“If It Is Easy For Men To Give One Money, Then Go And Collect Yours” – Destiny Etiko Replies People Linking Her Achievement To Men

Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko has clapped back at those who have cultivated the habits of attributing her successes to men.

Speaking with Punch in an interview, Destiny Etiko clearly established that she works for her money as an actress and gets good endorsement deals.

The heavily endowed script-interpreter also bragged about her latest ambassadorial deal with a Chinese company, but she knows people will attribute it to men.

Destiny Etiko furthered that the people accusing her of sleeping with men to become successful will at end laugh and ridicule her for achieving nothing in her life and asked those who think it is easy to get men to give you money to also go ahead and find men to give them money.

She said:

“It is funny because I work for my money and I get good endorsements. If it is easy for men to give one money, then go and collect money from men. I work, make my money, and some people appreciate me.

I just got an endorsement deal with a Chinese company. When I achieve something tomorrow, people would say a man gave it to me. Let them keep talking. Even if I don’t achieve anything, it is still the same people that would say after all the films I have been acting, I have not done anything for myself. I don’t want to take it seriously.”