If You Aren’t Talking About Money, I’m Not Giving You My Attention – Bobrisky Reminds His Haters He Has Changed

Crossdresser Bobrisky has once again reminded his haters that he’s a changed person now hence won’t give you her attention if you aren’t talking about money or business.

Bobrisky who used to fight every other person on the gram provided whatever you said is negative or tarnishing her image has claimed to have changed and now will only give you his attention when it’s about money and business.

According to him, he’s now a new Bobrisky hence if you aren’t talking to him about money and giving him business, he will never give you his attention and even those who insult him in the comment section can go scot-free.

Bobrisky said he has stopped replying to those who insult her in the comment section when she makes a post or posts any negative comment about her as now he only blocks you and moves on with his daily activities.

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Bobrisky then promised that fans would love the new person that he has become because now he’s going to focus on making money and not fighting people on the gram but he used to be more influential when he was reacting to negative comments.

Even though Bobrisky has claimed that his boyfriend warned him never to fight again on social media, we believe there’s more to her change of heart than just what his boyfriend said since he claims he has a lot of boyfriends.

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