If You Love Old Men So Much, Why Ain’t Y’all Marrying The Broke 70 & Over Ones – Dencia Quizzes

The queen of Matamba, Dencia has a very tangible question for ladies who claim to love old men as to why they don’t marry the broke ones in their 70s and above.

Dencia wondering why some women claim to love older men when it’s obvious they are with them because of money asked if they love older men so much then why don’t they get married to the broke ones in their 70s and above.

According to her, young women who swear they love their ready to die old husband kills her because she knows they love the money they have and not the men themselves if not they would have married the broke ones too.

Dencia’s analysis is very true as most of the old men married to young women are very rich but the old men who are broke hardly get any young women to be with them and that simply means they are in for the money.

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Therefore Dencia’s question of why they don’t marry the broke old men in their 70s and above has been answered by herself since she’s aware they are with the older men for the money and not that they love them.

This post of Dencia also makes us realize that some of the female celebrities and public figures who are married to old men are in for the money and not that they love them as they have been always claiming.

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