‘If You Run To Church To Find A Good Wife, We Are The Same People You’ll Find There’– Slay Queen Boldly Tells Men (VIDEO)

A beautiful slay queen known as Esther Sky on TikTok wants men who want to go to the church to find a good woman to marry to know and understand that they will still find the ladies they tried to stay away from outside the church.

Esther Sky explained in a video that it is the same slay queens who go to church on Sundays hoping to also get husbands and that shows to a large extent how hypocritical Christians are.

According to her, these slay queens go to church and change their outlook to look decent and holy with their costumes and makeup so men should not be only keen on trying to find wife materials in the church because they could be deceived by the ladies.

Watch the video below;

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing has disclosed that she no longer has the strength to respond to messages from people who only want her to break down and feel inferior.

If you know Nkechi Blessing you would attest to the fact that Nkechi Blessing does not leave people who troll her to go scot-free as she always replies to the negative comments with fire and sometimes, she ravages them with very unprintable and life-threatening curses.

However, she can’t keep up with the negative comments and responses any longer as she has announced that now what she does is block and anyone who abuses her online and assured them that God will punish them.