‘If You’re Angry I Bought Three Jets, You Will D’ie’ – Apostle Suleman (Video)

Nigerian pastor, Apostle Suleman has asked her haters to go and die for the massive criticisms they have hurled him after he said in a viral video recently that he had added another jet to his collections.

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman recently said in the trending video that he bought third jet during the COVID-19 lockdown and shockingly added that he prayed Covid-19 wouldn’t go away so he can thrive more.

“In COVID (pandemic) I bought a jet; the third one. I have three. I was praying for COVID-19 not to end because I was resting. While people were complaining, my wife asked, ‘Can life be this sweet?’ Am I talking to somebody here?

“No stress. I read on the Internet that there’s a rumour going around that I have a machine that prints money. I like that rumour. They say, ‘He should be investigated. He has a machine that prints money’.

“Somebody asked if it’s true and I said it is true. They said, ‘It’s risky o’. I said I didn’t know it’s risky because I already bought the machine. When you speak in tongues, you’re printing money,” Aposte Suleman said.

However, in this new video, the man of God said he made a mistake by saying “I was praying for COVID-19 not to end,” but added that those who are preying on this blunder for their mischievous machinations can ‘die.’