Instagram Deletes Adamu Garba’s Account Few Days After His App Was Deleted From Google Play Store

The Instagram account of the former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has been taken down and has triggered several reactions from Nigerians on social media.

This comes days after his app called Crowwe was deleted from Google Play store. Now, the Instagram page of Adamu Garba shows no posts with his number of followers and those he follows missing.

In a Facebook post, Adamu Garba confirmed the news saying his Instagram account has been deleted. He added that his account was deleted because he was voicing out contrary opinions on the platform. He reiterated the reason why his Crowwe app should be worked on excellently.

He wrote:

They’ve taken down my Instagram account too. This could happen to anyone for voicing out contrary opinions. More reasons why we should work excellently on Crowwe.

Meanwhile, Nigerians on social media have reacted to the deletion of his Instagram account. Ghgossip compiled a few reactions from the microblogging platform.

@firstladyship wrote; Instagram deleted Adamu Garba’s account as well. Now he is playing the victim card. In life & in politics, “interest” rules. Right now? Jack & our interest align. So we must embrace Twitter wholeheartedly. Trashy Crowwe, National interest & Twitter being suspect, are nonsensical.

@drpenking wrote: I hope Adamu Garba has learnt that if you must be a successful businessman,you must stay off politics. Everything he has worked for has been flushed down the drain because of licking politicians’ butts. Crowwe has been deleted from Playstore. He has been suspended from Instagram
Next Crowwe will be deleted from Apple Store and he will be deleted from Twitter and Facebook. Even Koo will reject him. As a businessman, your loyalty should be hidden. If you support either side (government or the people) openly, your business will crash.

@DrOlufunmilayo wrote; I have NO sympathy for Adamu Garba. This man mocked #EndSARS. He spit on the graves of the young people who were killed. He celebrated Twitter Ban. An end to some people’s business. His IG gets deleted and we should pity him? You lots are soft idiots. You forget things easily.