Instead Of Exposing And Publicising Our Offenses, Let’s Hold One Another With Grace – Toyin Abraham Says

Actress Toyin Abraham has disclosed that instead of complaining and exposing or publicizing the offenses of one another, let’s hold each other with grace.

Toyin Abraham sharing her view on how almost everyone complains about their friends said we all are the same friends that complain about each other being bad and wanting to do away with friends forever.

According to her, most of the time we are the bad friends we all complain about as we are all guilty one way or the other because you might be friends with someone who complains about you being bad and you also complain about another being bad.

Adding that it’s easier to point out the flaws in others than it is to accept that we are all flawed human beings in one way therefore we end up ruining the beauty of friendship when we expect perfection from each other.

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Therefore, rather than avoiding one another, rubbishing one another, exposing our weakness, and publicizing our offenses hoping it will create the desired balance and stability in friendship, we should hold one another with grace and compassion instead.

I think it is easier to point out other people’s flaws than it is to accept that we are all flawed humans in some way. And so, when we expect perfection from one another, we ruin the beauty of friendships. Because ẹ wò ó, ká má parọ́, we all have our good and bad sides and it is never realistic to think that we can experience people without their flaws. ⁣

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