Intoxicated police officer mocked by children after he allegedly fell asleep in the middle of the road (video)

A uniformed police officer was filmed being ridiculed by little kids as he was seemingly intoxicated while on duty.

In a video that was shared online, the police officer, who was said to be drunk, is seen sitting on a culvert with his head falling forward.

Two little boys, standing in front of him, are seen laughing and mocking him, but the officer is still oblivious and continues dozing.

One little boy is heard saying, “O ti shayo” meaning “he is drunk

Watch the video as you scroll,

In an unrelated report, a popular Facebook Spiritualist, identified as Queen Okoro, has issued a stern warning to ladies who sleep naked at their partner’s house.

Taking to her Facebook page, Queen told ladies to stop sleeping unclad at their lover’s house because they are at risk of being used for money ritual.

She said their lovers might shave their pubic hair or wipe their private part with a white cloth while they are fast asleep for ritual purposes.

According to Queen, native doctors are heavily requesting for women’s discharge and pubic hair to complete their money ritual rites so women should be on guard, and not sleep naked at a man’s house.