“It is not easy to avoid sleeping with men although my greatest fear is hellfire” – Blessing Okoro (Video)

Se.x therapist Okoro Blessing in a new video has revealed that it is not easy to avoid sleeping with men because of the sweetness of se.x.

The therapist stated that she knows sleeping with a man who’s not your husband is a sin and can lead one to hell but it is not easy to avoid Se.x.

She also opined that it humbles women despite her being independent or a feminist.

In the video, she was heard saying;

“Se. x is one thing that humbles a woman no matter how powerful you are. It will make you feel and act like a baby. God kept it sacred for those who are married… but the sweetness of sex is so sweet. 

The sweetness about sex is communication. Fornication is the biggest sin in the 10 commandments because it is hard to abide to. Although my greatest fear is hellfire, we can’t help it.”

Watch the video here: