“It’s a big threat to an average African man for his wife to be richer than him” – Actress Charity Nnaji writes

Actress Charity Nnaji has shared her opinion on how most Nigerian men feel threatened when their wives be richer than them.

According to the movie star, “African mentality” in men make them feel their wives are intimidating them when the wives are richer than them.

In her words;

Sometimes, its usually a very big threat to an average African man, for his wife to be richer than him.

Men you must learn to accept this fact.

Grace may depart from you it’s okay for your Wife to pick up and continue the race…but the African mentality in this men will always make them feel the woman is intimidating them with their position or wealth..so the only way they maintain their stands is to be violent.. it’s just a pity, so where is the help mate God talked about?

Except you are married or have been married before, please don’t advice me on marital issues I won’t take it, because sometimes what i survived as a Divorce might kill you..