“It’s better to be average in a high rent district, than be a lord in a ghetto” – Reno Omokri

Actress Idia Aisien has disclosed that she got a Range Rover from a stranger who had chatted her up on Instagram.

Speaking with media personality Stephanie Coker, Idia said that she had “never gotten anything before”, not even when she had a boyfriend.

The first gift she however got was huge but her parents did not allow her keep it.

In her words ;

I got a Range Rover, and it wasn’t even from somebody I know.

He planned with my followers, people i knew, my friends and he sent the Range Rover.

Inside the Range Rover, there was champagne, flowers, teddy bear and it was very thoughtful.

Sadly, my family never let me keep it, i tried to give it back but he didn’t accept it, so i sold it.