“It’s my right” – Regina Daniels tells her mother after she scolded her ‘for taking her things without permission’ (video)

Actress and billionaire wife, Regina Daniels, has shared a video which showed the moment her mother scolded her for taking her things without her permission.

In the clip that was shared online by the mother of one, her mum, Rita Daniels, is seen confronting her for rocking a pair of leggings she had taken from her closet without asking her.

Rita noted that that wasn’t the first time Regina would be taking her stuff without telling her or asking for permission. She made instances of how Regina had previously taken a shirt and a pink bag.

Responding, the billionaire wife noted that it was her right as Rita’s daughter to take her things without her permission.

Watch video below,

Meanwhile, Regina Daniels has taken to her social media page to reveal the reason she does not want a daughter yet.

She hinted that she wouldn’t want her daughter to inherit her attitude.

She made the remark via a post she shared on her IG Story.

her post reads, “If my daughter gets my attitude, I’m finished.”

She went on to add, “That’s why I don’t want one…till I’m ready to retire.”

Regina Daniel welcomed her fist child with her husband, a baby boy in June 2020.