It’s Only Poor People Who Say Money Doesn’t Make You Happy — VJ Adams

Nigerian media personality. VJ Adams has publicly opposed the claim by some people that money cannot make one happy.

In a video he posted on Instagram, VJ Adams revealed that growing up the only thing he did was not to take advice from people who are not using it.

According to him, he has not met a rich person complaining about not being happy and he pointed to the fact a bad or evil person who is rich will do bad things and a good person who is rich will do good things. He advised his fans to make legitimate money and enjoy.

His commentary was met with mixed feelings as some alluded to the fact that health is rather the most valuable because health is wealth.

See some reactions below;

Money makes you happy no lies…but let’s also pray for health,that’s the real wealth.


Money brings Happiness. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Na till you get money, dey able to afford the things way be like luxury for your eyes before. Na then you go know.


😂😂True. When a broke person says “money is not everything “ I ask them…HOW DID YOU KNOW? DID MONEY TELL YOU THIS ON WHATSAPP?😂😂

nnenna aldo

If money doesn’t make you happy is it poverty that will make you happy? Abeg I choose money over and over again. No cap 🧢


At times it’s not about being poor
It’s low self esteem, so they have limit themselves to their current situation