It’s Ridiculous And Unmanly For A Guy To Have A Birthday Photoshoot — Barrister

A twitter man known as Muhammed Adam has shared his thoughts on men who do photoshoots to celebrate their birthday.

Muhammed Adam who uses the Twitter handle @egi_nupe_ said that it is ridiculous and unmanly for a guy to have a birthday photoshoot.

According to the Barrister, that kind of move by men looks like the crossdresser, Bobrisky lifestyle.

See screenshot below;

Some Nigerians have reacted differently on social media, see some comments below;


No sense in this right up.. so photoshoots are now gender based? Na saw dust full ur brain. Barrister isonu


What’s with this toxic masculinity of a thing ????? What’s wrong with a guy going to do a photoshoot for his bday . You all make being a man tough , rigid and uptight in Nigeria . Tf is wrong with all of us. Allow people to live abeg …. You sound homophobic and dense at the same time bro….. Stop !

should stop those toxic masculinity of a thing, dear men, if taking photo shot makes you happy, Do it

I personally don’t see anything wrong with this though. It’s very much okay for memory purpose. If it’s okay for ladies then why shouldn’t it be for guys ?


It is very stupid for you as an adult to dictate how another adult should be living their lives , if you are have this gutter attitude stop it abeg